[asterisk-users] How best to run a SIPp test on a remote host

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 09:53:36 CDT 2018


I'm curently setting a lab environment for load testing an Asterisk

This environment includes:
- a management workstation where I would like to run scripts and  store
test reports
- a box hosting SIPp
- the Asterisk box I'm load testing (System Under Test)
- an other Asterisk box that simply anwers and echoes incoming media

The SIPp commande I'm currently using looks like:
sipp -bg -nostdin  -trace_screen -screen_file
/home/foobar/reports.d/campaign_123456789_1_1.txt -sf
/home/foobar/custom_with_10_minutes_audio.xml -i -s
123456789 -r 1 -m 1 -d 60000

- Run in background mode (more on that later)
- Last SIPp screen with successful/failed call counters saved in a file
- SIPp reads a 10 minutes audio file and stops reading after 60000 ms (see
-d parameter)
- Media comes from SIPs, pass though System Under Test and then comes back

1. How can you run such "sipp -bg ..." command from management workstation
on remote SIPp box ?
I tried using Fabric (I'm discovering) but it always fails with a 99 exit
code, as if SIPp/Fabric required a different options set.

2. This project pysipp [1] seems interesting.
Has anyone tried it ?
How can you get started ?

3. Suggestions ?

Best regards

[1] https://github.com/SIPp/pysipp
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