[asterisk-users] Forward call to another device or etxtension

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Thu Oct 11 12:45:21 CDT 2018

Hi list,

I have a queue in which I add a member located outside the company and 
connected to an outside asterisk. Let's say peername is ABCD123. In the 
queue I gave SIP/ABCD123 as interface which is not existing on the local 

Is there a way to connect a member from a queue which is not known from 
asterisk (eg when queue call SIP/ABCD123 a forwarding feature send it to 
an extension or other device) ?

In my case, an extension 123 at oneContext call the outside device so I 
found a solution by using dynamic agent like 
AddQueueMember(myqueue,Local/123 at oneContext). But for my knowledge still 
would know if my request is possible and has some sense :) Would the 
atsdb have some feature I could use ?

Thanks for any hint.


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