[asterisk-users] How to defer SDP in ACK for unit testing purposes

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 02:27:56 CDT 2018


I think I met a case similar to the one solved by [1] . Quoting this case :

* res_pjsip: Handle deferred SDP hold/unhold properly.

	  Some SIP devices indicate hold/unhold using deferred SDP reinvites. In
	  other words, they provide no SDP in the reinvite.

	  A typical transaction that starts hold might look something like this:

	  * Device sends reinvite with no SDP
	  * Asterisk sends 200 OK with SDP indicating sendrecv on streams.
	  * Device sends ACK with SDP indicating sendonly on streams.

Now, I would like to configure an Asterisk instance to act as those SIP
devices, ie to defer all SDP signaling in ACK.

This is for testing purpose as I would like to reproduce in a lab an issue
with those SIP devices.

1. Is it possible ? I can use any Asterisk version for implementation.
2. Alternatively, do you know any softphone "implementing SDP in ACK" ?
3. Alternatively, do you know any SIP hardphone implementing this ?
4. Suggestions ?


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