[asterisk-users] CURL to post application/json (David P)

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Fri Oct 5 01:26:32 CDT 2018

>We tried to use the CURL fn to POST json, but it's sent as form data and
>there seems no support for changing the Content-Type header. We switched to
>invoking curl in the shell.

Hi David

If you've got if fixed that way, great.

Just thought I'd comment and share the scripts / manner we use this, using CURL, and mention one major gotcha I ran into that took me a few hours to solve related with using CURL in Centos 7 on Asterisk, and then switching to 13.22.0.

This is what our dialplan logic looks like to get a UUID from a CURL call made in a BASH file to our back-end application's API.



BASH file:

function jsonval {
    temp=`echo $jsonResult | sed 's/\\\\\//\//g' | sed 's/[{}]//g' | awk -v k="text" '{n=split($0,a,","); for (i=1; i<=n; i++) print a[i]}' | sed 's/\"\:\"/\|/g' | sed 's/[\,]/ /g' | sed 's/\"//g'`
    echo ${temp##*|}


jsonResult=$(curl --connect-timeout 16 --max-time 32 -s -X GET $baseUrl)


echo -n $uuid

This returns our UUID (from the Java app) into the dialplan variable curlResult which we then use further on in the dialplan.

The MAJOR gotcha in this above is the

>echo -n $uuid


On Asterisk, this worked fine in the BASH script:

echo $uuid

However, on Asterisk 13.22.0, it did NOT work - the dialplan variable curlResult stayed empty on any calls to the BASH script vir SET() in Asterisk.

Turns out that 13.22.0 does NOT like line feed / new line (\n) in ANY strings that come back from BASH.

So I had to change the above line in the BASH file to

echo -n $uuid

so that the line-feed / newline was omitted from being returned to the Asterisk 13 instance.

Just some two cents worth.



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