[asterisk-users] messagesend to SIP peer in sip.conf (or otherwise authenticated)

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Mon Oct 1 08:57:13 CDT 2018


I want to be able to send SIP SIMPLE messages via/to my VOIP provider
but in trying to do so with MessageSend() I am getting 401 errors back
from them, unsurprisingly.  They want such messages from me
authenticated with my account just as they would for SIP voice calls.

For voice calls, of course I use Dial(SIP/remote at peer) where remote is
the phone number I want to call and peer is my SIP provider's entry
from my sip.conf complete with account and password.

So how do I achieve the same thing with MessageSend()?  When I try to
use the same kind of recipient string I get an error:

[Oct  1 09:48:40] WARNING[3286][C-000013ab]: message.c:1232 msg_send_exec: No message technology 'SIP/sms-number at sip-peer' found.

Using MessageSend() with raw URLs (sip:
sms-number at sip-provider.example.com) is accepted by Asterisk but it
provides no authentication to the MESSAGE command sent to sip-
provider.example.com so is rejected.

So how can I, preferably, use my existing sip.conf entries to send SIP
SIMPLE messages, or at least provide some kind of authentication
otherwise with MessageSend()?


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