[asterisk-users] Asterisk PJSIP enforce Transport

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Nov 27 05:11:58 CST 2018

On Tue, Nov 27, 2018, at 3:15 AM, Benjamin Marty wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an Asterisk 15.6.0 installation with PJSIP SIP Driver and Sorcery
> for Realtime. My Goal is to enforce endpoints to UDP, TCP or TLS. For that
> I set the 'transport' column in the endpoint to the corresponding transport
> in pjsip.conf. But if I e.g. set the transport to my 'transport-tls-nat'
> transport I can still register and place calls via UDP and TCP. Is there
> any solution for that?

There is no ability to really enforce a remote endpoint to use a specific transport type like was done in chan_sip. You can set an explicit one to use, but in some cases this may not get used (SIP responses won't use it).

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