[asterisk-users] Send QueueMemberAdded Event via AMI

Systemmanagement systemmanagement at decoit.de
Tue Nov 27 00:18:16 CST 2018

Hi Joshua,

thank you for the quick answer. We will take a look at the code and 
maybe patch it for this purpose for us.

best regards

Am 26.11.18 um 17:34 schrieb Joshua C. Colp:
> On Mon, Nov 26, 2018, at 12:30 PM, Systemmanagement wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> we are using asterisk 16 with a realtime config and have a problem with
>> FOP2. We have developed a webinterface for managing the queues. If we
>> add a member to a queue, everything works fine but the user is not shown
>> in the queue in FOP2 Panel. The problem is that the FOP2 Panel does not
>> receive the QueueMemberAdded Event. This will only be sent if the
>> QueueAdd Function is used (QueueMemberAdded>Raised when a member is
>> added to the queue).
>> My idea is to send the event with the help of a script via AMI. First i
>> tried to do this manually connected to the AMI via telnet and pasted it in:
>> Event: QueueMemberAdded
>> Privilege: agent,all
>> Queue: 905
>> MemberName: SIP/599
>> Interface: SIP/599
>> StateInterface: SIP/599
>> Membership: realtime
>> Penalty: 0
>> CallsTaken: 0
>> LastCall: 0
>> LastPause: 0
>> InCall: 0
>> Status: 1
>> Paused: 0
>> PausedReason: 0
>> Ringinuse: 0
>> This generates an error:
>> Response: Error
>> Message: Missing action in request
>> I wasn´t able to find the correct action for sending events. Should this
>> action listed in "actions:commands"? How can i sent the
>> "QueueMemberAdded" Event? and what is the correct format?
> AMI does not allow you to send events like this. They can only be generated and sent by the C code in Asterisk itself.
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