[asterisk-users] Send QueueMemberAdded Event via AMI

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Mon Nov 26 10:30:09 CST 2018

Hello everybody,

we are using asterisk 16 with a realtime config and have a problem with 
FOP2. We have developed a webinterface for managing the queues. If we 
add a member to a queue, everything works fine but the user is not shown 
in the queue in FOP2 Panel. The problem is that the FOP2 Panel does not 
receive the QueueMemberAdded Event. This will only be sent if the 
QueueAdd Function is used (QueueMemberAdded>Raised when a member is 
added to the queue).

My idea is to send the event with the help of a script via AMI. First i 
tried to do this manually connected to the AMI via telnet and pasted it in:

Event: QueueMemberAdded
Privilege: agent,all
Queue: 905
MemberName: SIP/599
Interface: SIP/599
StateInterface: SIP/599
Membership: realtime
Penalty: 0
CallsTaken: 0
LastCall: 0
LastPause: 0
InCall: 0
Status: 1
Paused: 0
PausedReason: 0
Ringinuse: 0

This generates an error:
Response: Error
Message: Missing action in request

I wasn´t able to find the correct action for sending events. Should this 
action listed in "actions:commands"? How can i sent the 
"QueueMemberAdded" Event? and what is the correct format?

best regards,
Frank Koch

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