[asterisk-users] Detect missed call in extensions?

Sebastian Nielsen sebastian at sebbe.eu
Mon Nov 12 15:39:28 CST 2018

How I do to detect missed calls?


After Dial() has been executed, theres 3 ways a call could end up in:


1: The callee answers, and a communication is going on. Then one party hangs
up, and thus execution goes to the h extension.

2: The callee newer answers or there was some error, the Dial() fails, and
execution continues on next line in extensions.

3: The caller hangs up before callee have answered, and execution goes to
the h extension.


Now to the problem. I want to detect if callee did answer or not (in
separate 1 and 3) so I could determite if a missed call should be logged to
a missedcall.txt log file. (call should be logged in 3 case, but not in 1

2 is easy to detect, as these always are failed (non-answered) calls.


Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen


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