[asterisk-users] Long extensions that contain dashes

David P davidswalkabout at gmail.com
Tue May 29 22:32:39 CDT 2018

We would like to use 20-char extension values that use dashes and alphanums
after the first four digits. In order to handle these via pattern-matching,
how can I define a pattern that allows dashes? There seems to be no option
at http://the-asterisk-book.com/1.6/einleitung-regex.html#re
gular-expression-syntax However, when I try a period, it seems to match the
long suffix including the dashes. I want to know whether to depend on this
continuing to work.

Also, we're not sure whether our automated members can handle extensions
longer than 4 digits. I'd like to pass a substring of our
extension/destination_number in the call to Queue(). I couldn't find
documention of any Queue() option like this. Is it possible to control the
extension that the member receives?

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