[asterisk-users] Big leap - 1.8 to 15.4.0

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Mon May 28 01:35:11 CDT 2018

Hi all

We have to upgrade soon from prehistoric Asterisk to Asterisk 15.x.x (whatever minversion is current at the time.)

We are quite heavily invested into at about 17 sites locally and internationally and have a LOT of custom software running our sites via AMI from various applications.

What are big gotchas to watch out for? Especially regarding PJSip as I've been following posts and forums and it seems theres massive changes there, nevermind just overall changes in jumping years of dev ahead on the Asterisk version...

What should I watch out for so that our sites don't collapse completely on telecoms functionality when we go to 15 from 1.8? Any resources I can refer to? No upgrade guide I can find cover -this- wide a leap in versions.

I assume virtually every site's dialplan will have to be rewritten from scratch, which in itself is already a massive undertaking.

Anybody with some advice?



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