[asterisk-users] setting contact within asterisk -rx 'channel originate local ...'

Andre Gronwald andregronwald78 at gmail.com
Mon May 21 11:38:24 CDT 2018


i am using a script to initiate calls to some sip stations simply for 
notifying some people.

that is working fine and people like this simple way of getting an 
information (just by being pinged this way).

my problem is, that in this case the calling number is always 

i tried to set callerid(name) and callerid(all) to something describing, 
the header is set, but the sip-phones (android) seem to display the 
contact header.

can you tell me how to change the contact header? i would like to set up 
some further "ping-services", but for this i need to change the 
displayed name.


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