[asterisk-users] Asterisk server as TLS/SRTP

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Mon Mar 5 05:19:04 CST 2018

On Monday 05 March 2018 at 12:06:51, Atux Atux wrote:

> Hi. I have an Asterisk Server (A) where it acts as the main gateway to
> offer services.
> There are different asterisk servers (B -D) that connect as extensions to
> the Server A.

Why not use IAX?

> I would like to implement TLS and SRTP for these extensions, but have the
> non secure as well for other extensions.
> for example the extensions 4500-4504 be with TLS/SRTP and the rest be non
> secure(ordinary).
> Is there a guide on how to implement that please?

How about https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Secure+Calling+Tutorial 
or https://wiki.vpsget.com/index.php/Asterisk_11_with_TLS_and_SRTP_on_Centos_6

> I am running asterisk 11.

TLS has been available since 1.6 and SRTP since 1.8, so 11 should have no 



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