[asterisk-users] Blacklist failed attempts

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If this is a home system, try the free edition of SecAst (www.telium.ca/?secast <http://www.telium.ca/?secast> ).  If allows you to set thresholds for the number of attempts, and specify the period in which they occur.  The Free edition of SecAst is a drop-in replacement for fail2ban (but with a lot more intelligence included for free).


If this is for a business / you are looking for a commercial product recommendation then post on the commercial list :)



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Hi. I would like to protect my system from failed attempts. I would like to ask if there is a way to do a blacklist for certain amount of time consecutive attempts from the same IP. For example if we have an IP that gets a wrong passwd an it had tried more than 3 times the last 5 minutes, blacklist it for an hour. I have tried to implement it through fail2ban, but it doe snot seem to work for my asterisk implementation.

Is there any other way?


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