[asterisk-users] Recommended Linux version or how to compile DAHDI on Fedora?

John Novack jnovack at comcast.net
Sun Jun 24 08:39:33 CDT 2018

CentOS 6 is still supported, and does have a 32 bit version
I believe version 6 is supported until 2020, which may give you enough time to update your hardware!

I am running CentOS 6.9 32 bit version, and had a problem with the ( then ) latest Dahdi 2.11
I believe the issues have now been fixed, and am currently building a 64 bit version on another machine


John Novack

Ira wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m currently using 32 CENTOS 5 but it’s now unsupported. I only
> have a 32 bit processor and CENTOS no longer supports 32 bit so
> I need to move on. I’ve installed the current version of 32 bit
> Fedora and I can’t get the latest Dahdi to build. Even tried
> downloading the early release DAHDI from github with no luck.
> Any recommendation for which 32 bit LINUX to use going forward?
> Or optionally, how to compile Dahdi on the most current Fedora.
> The error was something to do with xxx.timer.timer.xxx = xxxtimer_xxx
> I don’t have the error at hand, because I had to put the old
> drive back in to get our phones working again.
> Thanks, Ira


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