[asterisk-users] Only 8kHz recorded after disallowing all but G722 codec on inbound

David P davidswalkabout at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 18:36:02 CDT 2018

We want to record inbound channels at 16kHz, but send only 8kHz to our
peers. I've set our default profile in sip.conf to disallow all but g722,
and the peers disallow all but ulaw. We have a proxy in front of Asterisk
that is configured to disallow all but G722 also.

My test calls show inbound to the proxy is recorded at 16kHz, inbound in
Asterisk is only 8kHz, and the peers receive 8kHz. So the only thing not
working is Asterisk's sampling rate on inbound, and it seems to be

After a lot of web searching, I can't find any explanation of why we're not
getting 16kHz for G722. We're using Asterisk 14.7.6.

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