[asterisk-users] MixMonitor recording when in the holding bridge

Patrick Wakano pwakano at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 20:58:14 CDT 2018

Hello list,
Hope you all doing fine!

We are using the MixMonitor to record the call with the option 'b' so the
recording is done only when this call is bridged. Under some situations the
call is put on a wait state and the recording should not happen anymore
until the channel is bridged back. This used to be done with a loop using
the Wait application. Recently it was changed to use the BridgeWait, which
I believe is much more suitable for this purpose. However by using the
BridgeWait, the MixMonitor keeps recording the music on hold played to the
channel during the entire wait time... with the Wait application this
doesn't happen.
I think this happens actually because the channel is bridged to the holding
bridge, so the checks for "is bridged" passes. However, I think under a
holding bridge the recording should be avoided too. Is this something that
could be done? If not automatically maybe with some new flag....

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Patrick Wakano
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