[asterisk-users] asterisk-users Digest, Vol 167, Issue 21

Raimundo PĂ©rez Nieves raimundo.perez.cuba at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 12:08:34 CDT 2018

Hi, I sent the requested information. I always get this responde:
Response: Success
Message: Timeout Set
But keep the old timeout, interestingly, decreasing the timeout works perfectly. The problem is increasing.

> Which verson?
Version Asterisk 1.8.32.

> Show us what command you are sending?
$this->setTimeout($chan, $timeout);

public function setTimeout($channel, $timeout){
        $command = "Action: AbsoluteTimeout\r\nChannel: $channel\r\nTimeout: $timeout\r\n";
        $response = $this->_sendCommand($command."\r\n");
        return $response;
private function _sendCommand($command)
        if (!fwrite($this->_socket, $command)) {
            throw new Net_AsteriskManagerException(
        $response = stream_get_contents($this->_socket);
        if ($response == false) {
            throw new Net_AsteriskManagerException(
        return $response;

Thanks again

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