[asterisk-users] Asterisk pjsip realtime extensions

Benjamin Marty benjamin.marty at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 17:23:26 CDT 2018


I'm currently using Asterisk 13 with the chan_sip sip driver. The
extensions are offloaded via realtime module to a MySQL database (via
ODBC). So basically I have a MySQL Table with the SIP users + SIP passwords
and the other stuff from the standard Asterisk database schema.

Now I want to mgirate to Asterisk 15 and in the same go migrate vom
chan_sip to pjsip. I already did the setup as described in the wiki
(Setting up PJSIP Realtime).

Is there a way to keep the old database schema? Or at least to still have
SIP user + SIP password in the same table? Or is the only way to use the
new pjsip schema where you have to use the endpoint + auth table and
basically split the informations.

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