[asterisk-users] Recompiling Ast results in a binary with differing SHA256 sums?

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Wed Jul 18 04:37:22 CDT 2018

Hi Guys

If I recompile Asterisk (on a Centos 7 test box, Asterisk multiple
times in a row, e. g. 

make clean;configure;make menuselect;make

I note that the asterisk binary in the /main folder in the source tree, has
a different SHA256 hash each time I recompile Asterisk using the above

I do not change anything on the system or in the menuselect configs for each

But each time the checksum for the "asterisk" binary is different.

Why is that? Shouldn't a freshly compiled binary off the same source, with
no changes in the Asterisk menuselect, with nothing changed on the rest of
the system, result each time in an IDENTICAL binary, down to the last byte?

Why am I getting a completely different "asterisk" ELF binary each time I
recompile asterisk, according to checksum?

Can someone shed light...



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