[asterisk-users] How to steal an answered call?

David Cunningham dcunningham at voisonics.com
Sun Jul 8 22:15:59 CDT 2018


I'm familiar with Pickup/PickupChan for taking a ringing call, but does
anyone know how a phone can "steal" an already answered call from another
phone? Our users have decided that call parking is too long-winded and
don't want to use that.

For example: phone A calls phone B, phone B answers the call, phone C dials
something to "steal" the call from B, and finally A and C are talking.

Searching on voip-info.org shows a "BristuffSteal" command but it's very
out of date (Asterisk 1.2).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Kind regards,

David Cunningham, Voisonics Limited
USA: +1 213 221 1092
New Zealand: +64 (0)28 2558 3782
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