[asterisk-users] Voice mail: MWI problem / pjsip (13.24.0)

Michael Maier m1278468 at mailbox.org
Fri Dec 28 07:11:29 CST 2018

On 28.12.18 at 13:20 Doug Lytle wrote:
>>>> Before I'm opening an issue, I would like to prove my expectations - maybe it isn't a problem at all or it's a problem of the phone.
> Michael,
> Just a side note.  I've had reports of MWI not turning off after a message has been listened to under both 13.24.0 and 13.24.1.  It will typically turn off after a few minutes.  We're just using chan_sip.  I haven't had any reports when we were under 13.23.1

Turning off isn't a problem here: Any time I'm requesting VMs on the phone, the blinking MWI is turned off and no voice mails are shown on the display any more (I think
it's done by the phone itself) - until next REGISTER / NOTIFY is retrieved: if there is any unrequested / new voice mail left, it will be signaled again by blinking MWI and
on the display.


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