[asterisk-users] Real-time (low latency) monitoring for Asterisk

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Sat Dec 15 10:30:37 CST 2018


Does anyone have any recommendations for a *really* real-time monitoring 
solution for Asterisk?

I'm thinking that something like Grafana (which I've played with for another 
purpose, but don't really use yet) can do a good job of displaying the data 
with very little latency, but I'm wondering what the best plugin for getting 
the data into it might be.

What I'm looking for is a "dashboard" display of Asterisk activity (SIP 
channels currently in use, SIP devices currently registered, duration of 
longest call currently in progress, that sort of thing) but with a very low 
latency - so when someone places a call, for example, it shows up on the 
dashboard within a couple of seconds at most.

I'm not looking for anything to show details of individual calls - just 
summaries of all the calls currently going through the system.

I'm currently using Asterisk 13 on Debian Stretch (with, if it matters, the 
classic SIP driver, not PJ-SIP), with ODBC real-time CDRs and CEL, I'm happy 
with a plugin which connects via AMI if that helps, and the system has no 
queues, no hunt groups, just simple DDI -> SIP account mappings.

Any ideas, people?



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