[asterisk-users] DAHDI fax detection

Mitch Claborn mitch_ml at claborn.net
Tue Dec 11 09:57:56 CST 2018

Thanks Ryan.  Would you mind sharing snippets of your DAHDI channel 
config and dialpaln?


On 12/11/18 8:43 AM, Ryan, Travis wrote:
> Yes it's very easy. Mine is using a simulated PRI over an ATT Flex line. I just followed the many tutorials out there. I answer the call, then it takes 6-7 seconds (you can add a wait if you want) and then it detects it and drops it to the fax extension in the same context.
> Also, until recently I used the Asterisk Fax licensing, but have since switched to spandsp as that is the supported one ongoing.

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