[asterisk-users] Need for more hangup reasons in ARI?

Sebastian Damm damm at sipgate.de
Thu Dec 6 07:36:52 CST 2018


while implementing an application based on ARI, I wanted to hangup
calls in different states with different hangup reasons. After not
finding anything in the documentation I found the possible reasons in
the sources:(https://github.com/asterisk/asterisk/blob/4ca709768db9bafdfa83ee1cfc6cc0639f097857/res/ari/resource_channels.c#L866)

I think, there are some important reasons missing. For example I want
to return a 408 if the callee doesn't answer after some time. I guess,
I could submit a patch for more hangup reasons, but before doing so,
is there a reason that there are only those five hangup reasons?


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