[asterisk-users] Connected line update prevented

Mitch Claborn mitch_ml at claborn.net
Tue Dec 4 09:59:02 CST 2018

I am seeing the following type of error in the console and verbose log.

Connected line update to PJSIP/mlc296-00000000 prevented

It is happening after a Dial command [Dial("PJSIP/mlc296-00000006", 
"PJSIP/mlcx450,25,IktT")] before the other party answers the phone.

This happens to be dialing from a Digium phone to a soft phone, but I 
also get the message when dialing the other way.
I am using the latest Asterisk 16 and DPMA.

There doesn't seem to be any damage - everything works OK, but I'd like 
to figure out what this means and fix it or prevent it.

I did find 
and applied those changes but it did not help.

Any ideas?



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