[asterisk-users] Merging 2 conference bridges

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Wed Aug 22 17:01:12 CDT 2018

On Wednesday 22 August 2018 at 23:49:29, Ahmed Chohan wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to know how can I achieve merge 2 conference rooms in same
> asterisk server. For example 10 users joined bridge A and max user limit is
> set to 10. If more than 10 users try to join this bridge A, 11th user
> should join to the dynamically created bridge B and merge with bridge A. So
> that all eleven participants should be able to talk to each other.

My first question upon seeing this is:

 - if you want all 11 people to be able to talk to each other, why do you set 
a 10-participant limit on the original conference?


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