[asterisk-users] Queue breaks Dynamic_Features on Attended Transfer

Daniel Journo dan at keshercommunications.com
Thu Aug 9 10:08:32 CDT 2018

> It does seem like a bug.  However, you have a complicated dialplan with a lot of pieces happening at
> once so it may not actually be an Asterisk bug but a problem with your dialplan.  To unravel this is
> going to take some bookkeeping on your part.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the detailed response. Need to get my head around it a bit!

I’m going to try to set up a test rig with a less complex dialplan.
I’ll then run some tests and will be able to supply sample files if the problem persists.

I’m just a little confused what the different is which transfers of inbound queued calls and transfers of inbound Dialled calls.
I wonder if it would make a difference if the queue members were Local/DialThisEndpoint_200, instead of PJSIP/endpoint_200.

Since the queue dials the members and the member channels inherit the variables correctly, that would mean that Local/DialThisEndpoint_200 would inherit the DYNAMIC_FEATURES.
The Local channel would dial the endpoint, and when the endpoint performs a transfer and loses its variables, the Local channel, as the parent, would still have its variables set and the feature codes would still work.

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