[asterisk-users] Wanted: WebRTC tutorial

John Kiniston johnkiniston at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 11:30:28 CDT 2018

On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 9:56 AM, Bruce Ferrell <bferrell at baywinds.org>

I'd REALLY like to get it working.  And for the record, I REALLY HATE pjsip.
> I've been twiddling Asterisk (and other VOIP systems) since 2002; Linux
> since '93 and telecom since 1980.  The config is so opaque, poorly
> documented and error prone I, to this day, use the legacy sip config
> wherever I can.  No one has ever been able to show me an advantage for it
> and it doesn't seem to use realtime configuration (even more of a
> drawback).  I much prefer realtime for my configuration on Asterisk;
> Having configuration picked up from a DB is far preferable to reloading
> flat files.

I've configured PJSIP to use realtime as a test, I don't use it in
production but I feel I could.

Just set it up in extconfig and create the necessary tables.

ps_endpoints => odbc,asterisk
ps_auths => odbc,asterisk
ps_aors => odbc,asterisk
ps_domain_aliases => odbc,asterisk
ps_endpoint_id_ips => odbc,asterisk
ps_registrations => odbc,asterisk
ps_phoneprov => odbc,asterisk

There's a tutorial in the Wiki for it

The major advantage of PJSIP  over chan_sip  to me is PJSIP is being
developed where chan_sip isn't.  It also introduces things like resource
lists, and parallel forking of contacts which are both nice features.

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