[asterisk-users] Audio Dropouts During Call

Brent Davidson brent at texascountrytitle.com
Tue Apr 3 11:27:52 CDT 2018

Well, I now have another office complaining of the audio drop-outs. Logs 
are showing the same issues.  RTP just stops for awhile then resumes.

At the original problem office, I replaced all the network cables, 
replaced two network hubs, and made sure the phones are all connected 
correctly.  The problem still exists.

One thing I did notice during testing is that the audio is perfectly 
fine as long as there is no internet traffic, but once there is internet 
traffic, the audio quality drops drastically, then cuts out completely.  
Once the internet traffic stops, there is about a 2 second lag, then the 
audio resumes.

I find that incredibly odd as we don't use VOIP outside lines, and none 
of the voice traffic should be passing through our firewall, router, or 
DSL modem.

Internal network traffic, such as moving a file between shared folders 
on 2 computers on the internal office network does not impact the audio 
at all.  However, if I try to send a file across the VPN, refresh a web 
page in the browser, or run a bandwidth test from either computer, the 
audio goes glitchy then drops out until the traffic returns to normal.

Attached is a network diagram to show how both offices are set up. There 
shouldn't be any reason for traffic that goes straight to the internet 
to affect the internal VOIP traffic.  The Asterisk server only runs 
Asterisk, Hylafax, and a Samba share for the workgroup copier/scanner to 
save scanned files to.  It isn't doing DNS, or anything that would tax 
it's resources.  The servers both have quad-core CPUs and 16 GB of ram.

I've tried switching codes between ulaw, alaw, and g.729 and the problem 
persists at both offices.

Any ideas?

On 3/26/2018 10:30 AM, Bertrand LUPART - Linkeo.com wrote:
> Hello,
>> Only one of the servers has the drop-out issues.  This location has a 
>> network switch on the main desk due to wiring limitations, but several
>> of the other non-problematic offices do as well.
> I run some offices with similar asterisk configurations, only one 
> experiencing drop-out calls as well.
> Just visited the impacted office today, discovering their phones are 
> daisy-chained. Still investigating, but i'm pretty confident correctly 
> wiring them on a decent switch will correct the issue.
> Also double-check the phone are correctly wired (LAN on LAN port and 
> not on computer port)
> -- 
> Bertrand LUPART

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