[asterisk-users] Measuring total end-to-end latency

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Tue Oct 31 05:53:35 CDT 2017


Does anyone have some recommendations for measuring total end-to-end latency 
(by which I mean: the time between person A saying something and person B 
hearing it) when there are both SIP and PSTN/analogue/mobile legs in the call 


Person A has a SIP phone registered to Asterisk, which has a SIP trunk to a 
connectivity provider, who has connections to PSTN (analogue landline) 
connectivity providers and to mobile network (Vodafone, Orange, etc) 

Person B might answer the call on an analogue landline telephone.

Person C might answer the call on a mobile phone (perhaps on its home network, 
perhaps roaming on a foreign network).

Is there any way to measure total latency of calls between A and B or A and C?

Thanks in advance for any ideas / suggestions.


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