[asterisk-users] atcom card: how it is?

Abdul Basit basit.engg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 03:13:57 CDT 2017

Hi used atcom phones and cards few years ago. I found them good.
But i didn't use their GSM cards.
I believe these will be good as well.


abdul basit

On 27 October 2017 at 22:29, bilal ghayyad <bilmar_gh at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello;
> I am thinking to use atcom card which can be shown in this link:
> AXE2G4AN - GSM card - Atcom_Ip phone,IP PBX,Asterisk Cards,Voip Products
> Manufacturer <http://www.atcom.cn/gsm90.html>
> AXE2G4AN - GSM card - Atcom_Ip phone,IP PBX,Asterisk Cards,Voip Products
> Ma...
> ATCOM is the leading VoIP hardware manufacturer in global market. We have
> been keeping innovating with customer’...
> <http://www.atcom.cn/gsm90.html>
> But I am afraid, because I used to use digium and I am afraid of the
> quality.
> Maybe someone will ask me why not to use digium? The answer: because I
> need the card to has one GSM sim port and 1 FXO port and did not find this
> with digium or sangoma. But I am afraid from ATCOM that it might be low
> quality.
> Also, I need to know how the quality will be in case there is GSM and FXO
> at the same card, will there be a noise or distortion?
> Appreciate the kindly help and advise.
> Regards
> Bilal
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