[asterisk-users] Problem using Android SIP-Client

Harel Cohen harel at mayorcom.com
Tue Oct 24 13:01:38 CDT 2017

Is the Sophos a home router or professional one? In many cases what home
router does by default needs to be configured manually on professional one.
E.G. a home router will allow outgoing sessions and create a return path by
default where professional one won't.
Two things I would look for:
1. Look for, and disable, ALG for SIP. The idea of ALG is nice but I
haven't encountered a device that implements this properly (I'm not a
network expert so it doesn't mean that there isn't such a router out there).
2. On the Sophos try to statically open the UDP port range of your RTP to
outgoing traffic from your phone to your SIP server. Note that outgoing
port range is what your SIP server defines as its port range, not your
phone. If you get one way voice (remote hears phone) then you are on the
right direction. You'll then need to open the incoming ports too for the
ports that your phone is expecting to get its RTP from.
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