[asterisk-users] user-agent access from pjsip

Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Wed Oct 18 11:00:24 CDT 2017

I am trying to get the user-agent from extensions registered via pjsip. 
 With sip we could do a sip show peer peername and it would list the 
user-agent string. 
 In a pjsip deployment it looks like this info is likely in the contact. I 
know we can access it from the dialplan, but this is only works when a call 
occurs. How can we get the user-agent for extensions from the console. We 
need this for firmware version checking of extensions as many providers 
include that in the user-agent.  Any ideas as the pjsip show contact 
contactname does not return any real helpful info to the command line. 
 Please advise if you are able. 

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