[asterisk-users] Confbridge GUI?

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Mon Oct 16 17:59:52 CDT 2017

Interesting.  Are you using the included cbend.php script to terminate conferences?
I occasionally get questions about using WMM with Confbridge, and to date I have
not had an answer .

If you can provide details, even vague ones, about how you did it, I can update the
WMM package.


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>      I have a very old server that is used only for conferences on 
> Meetme.  To manage the conference rooms we use Web Meetme.  Now it is 
> time to upgrade everything but since Meetme is no longer available I 
> need to find a replacement GUI to manage the conference rooms.  Anyone 
> know a solution that works with Confbridge?  

It's straightforward to use web-meetme with Confbridge; we've been doing
it here for years.

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