[asterisk-users] Is it safe to configure SIP/Registry entries on a passive asterisk node ?

Jean Aunis jean.aunis at prescom.fr
Wed Nov 15 16:05:46 CST 2017

Le 15/11/2017 à 17:30, Olivier a écrit :
> Hello,
> I've seen that Asterisk stores in ASTDB entries like:
> /SIP/Registry/spa3102                             : 
> <>:3600:7013:sip:spa3102 at 
> <http://3600:7013:sip:spa3102@>
> 1. My understanding is that any peer that sent to Asterisk a REGISTER 
> message has such entry set. So having these entries present avoid for 
> a starting Asterisk the need to way for incoming REGISTER messages 
> which can be as long as 30mn to come in my use case.
> Is it roughly correct or am I missing something ?
> 2. When configuring a passive Asterisk node (waiting for an active 
> node to be manually shutdown),  is it safe to copy such SIP/Registry 
> entries from one node to another ?
> Both active and passive nodes will get Debian's packaged Asterisk 13.14.1.
> 3. How is best to set such SIP/Registry entries ?
> Using SQLite load command when asterisk is not running and asterisk 
> -rx "database put SIP/Registry ..." when asterisk is running ?
> Cheers
I did something like this in the past. We had a cluster of two nodes 
sharing a virtual IP address. The whole AstDb file was just copied from 
the active to the passive node, with a protocol like rsync or something 
It worked well. Then, is it totally safe ? We did not encounter any 
particular issue during our tests or in our production environments. 
Still, you may find theoretical edge cases which could be problematic. 
For example, copying the file is not an atomic operation, so what 
happens if Asterisk starts but the file has not been entirely copied ?
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