[asterisk-users] Queues - different moh for queue waiting and subsequent onhold

Mike michael at virtutel.ca
Thu Nov 9 08:33:43 CST 2017


Quick one here: is it possible to setup my dialplan on such a way that the
MoH while waiting to be answered by an agent on a Queue be different than
the one that I will hear when that agent puts me manually on hold for a
few minutes AFTER I finally got a hold of someone?

I seem to recall that setting up a musicclass in the dialplan was what was
used for onhold MoH, while the "music" field of the Queue was the "queue
waiting" MoH.  But that as back on 1.8, I am on Asterisk 13 right now, and
the "music" field of the Queue seems to overwrite the dialplan MoH


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