[asterisk-users] Call preemption

Jean Aunis jean.aunis at prescom.fr
Tue Nov 7 05:21:47 CST 2017


Has anyone already implemented some sort of call preemption in Asterisk 
? I am trying to achieve something like this :

- I want to limit the number of calls on a given SIP peer to 10

- on the other hand, some calls have higher priority than others

- when the ceiling of 10 calls is reached and a call with a high 
priority is attempted, I would like to drop a call with a lower priority 
to let the new one go through

Monitoring the ceiling is easy with channel groups, but it is does not 
help in implementing call preemption since there is no function to 
retrieve all the channels of a given group.

Does anyone have an idea ?


Jean Aunis

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