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I've got  some news for you, you  are  going  to be pleasantly surprised, read  it here please http://first.familyandfaces.com

See you soon, nick005

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I am the  same way, but jot through  lack  of  trying - my previous two  attempts at a Duna mission ended in the Kraken  eating one  and 0.90 coming out to end the  0.25 one prematurely as I updated and didn't  keep the save (it was a good  excuse to fix my mod build).

I'm currently making  a  ship to visit Moho,  complete with a lander  and satellites  for RemoteTech2/Karbonite/ScanSat  in orbit. It's  been  very fun designing it. I'm  thinking about making the next iteration  even  more  reusable.

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