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    Ok, the purpose of the answering machine detection (AMD) is to determine when the audio file should start playing *after* the call has been picked up. Typically, if a call has been picked up by a person, they say a short greeting, for example "Hello, this is John, how can I help you?" or simply "Hello?" or something similar. If a call has been picked up by an answering machine, usually the message is somewhat longer, maybe 10 seconds or so, maybe longer. Ideally, the AMD tries to make sure that the audio file starts right after the greeting is over. It's not exact, but my experience is that it works fairly well.   
    The problem that I am having is that when I also have to dial an extension, the call has already picked up and the AMD will start working immediately after the SendDTMF() even if dialing the extension means that it may ring anywhere from 5 - 20 seconds plus the greeting on the far end. There doesn’t appear to be a way for the AMD to wait until extension gets picked up, either by a human or a machine. So what happens is that the AMD gets confused and the audio file starts playing while the extension is still ringing. I hope this helps.
John V. 

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Isn't it safe to assume that if you've been given an extension number to dial after the initial call is answered, then it wasn't answered by an answering machine?

The extension might be answered by an answering machine, I suppose, but that's not the problem you're talking about (I think).

I would create two contexts:

1. Does AMD and gets called when there is no follow-on extension to dial

2. Dials a follow-on extension and doesn't do AMD (or at least, not at the

Then you choose which context to place the call through depending on whether a follow-on extension has been supplied for that customer's number or not.

> Simply placing the AMD command after the SendDTMF() wasn’t the answer

Why wasn't it the answer?  What happens or doesn't happen when you try this?

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