[asterisk-users] wonderful stuff

Marco Signorini marcotasto at libero.it
Fri May 19 09:14:51 CDT 2017


look at that  wonderful stuff! It's is so useful,  check it out http://image.anti-strawberry.com

My Best, Marco Signorini

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This is the first  update I'm genuinely not that excited  about. Granted I am very very impressed and  I  know this will  be great  for some people. I doubt I'll ever add this to my server. Trying to get new people  up  and running has been difficult. Now trying to explain  why a handful of my  friends  who  know C# are  excelling while others are  struggling is  just too much.

With that being said,  I will certainly be using this personally to brush up  on C# and follow what the community is doing. The workshop could  be an amazing place for  these  new scripts since they can be easily copied in.

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