[asterisk-users] Asterisk 13 queue and DND phones

Mike michael at virtutel.ca
Wed May 17 07:22:29 CDT 2017



I've noticed that when I set a phone on DND (phone-side DND, meaning it
rejects calls with a busy status, SIP 486 response code I believe) the
queue keeps on trying the phone over and over again.


This creates issues in terms of CDR entries - in a scenario where there is
only one phone on DND, and a delay between attempts of 1 second, the queue
will attempt to ring the single phone every second, creating one CDR entry
per second.  It also creates one event per second in the queue_log file.


Is there any strategy to avoid this? I'm trying to avoid autopause=yes
(because them the employee needs to take action when turned DND off -  I
want the simple act of turning DND off to mean the phone starts ringing


-          Can I have an autoUNpause after x seconds?

-          Can the queue detect that the phone is returning response code
486, and not ring it for either x second or until the next call?

-          Can the CDR engine/queue_log engine be told to not log more
than one RINGNOANSWER status? Having one helps, as it tells us the agent
was on DND at the time, but having hundreds does not help anyone.


Specifically this is with Polycom phones, but I don't think it makes a


Thank you for taking the time to help me,






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