[asterisk-users] Automatically dial a number, then an extension

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   What happens is that a script logs into the AMI and originates a call. When the call is answered, it jumps to a context in the dial plan.

Thanks Much;

John V. 


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Hi John, 


I think we need to known how you play the audio to the customers, before we can help you. 


Are you using AMI? Or AGI maybe? Or Call files? 


What Asterisk version do you have? 


El 15 may. 2017 12:35, "Tech Support" <asterisk at voipbusiness.us> escribió:


    I have an application that dials a list of numbers and then plays a recorded message. My customer uses it to dial a list of customers to confirm their appointment for the next day. No biggie, maybe 25 – 30 calls per day for customers who want the confirmation call. What they need now is a way to dial an extension after the number is dialed and answered. I’ve seen that before, but I just can't remember where. I was wondering if anyone else has implemented something along these lines. Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much;

John V.   

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