[asterisk-users] Callee id over chan_sip trunk

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Mon May 15 05:46:36 CDT 2017


I run two asterisks 13.13.1.

Here is how they are connected:

me---PBX--isdn pri--asterisk1--sip--asterisk2.

If I call something from asterisk1 and have in dial plan:

Let's say

exten => 6000,n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name)=Conf. 6000)

exten => 6000,n,Meetme(6000,TL(10800000:60000))

Then I see Conf. 6000 on my phone if I call 6000.

If I have the same code for number on asterisk2, then there is no name 
on my phone,

i.e. looks like asterisk doesn't send this info, at least I don't see it 
in sip debug.

Could you tell me is it possible to pass this over sip?

Thank you!

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