[asterisk-users] AMI Originate not working

Thomas thomasitcom at gmail.com
Thu May 11 16:18:27 CDT 2017


I want to call an phone and if phone picked up I want to ring another phone.
Or I want to connect to an running channel and then call another phone or move 
to an ConfBridge

Iam using PHP 
$channel = 'IAX2/556-1696';
or $channel = 'SIP/0019736363636 at outbound.patton';
$exten = '2222';
$context = 'test_callout';
$priority = '1';

	$parameters = array(
		'Channel' => $channel, 
		'Exten' => $exten,
		'Context' => $context,
		'Priority' => $priority,
	self::manager_com('Originate', $parameters);

I get only this message, but no action or other information
  == Manager 'vserver_webastmanager' logged on from
  == Manager 'vserver_webastmanager' logged off from

The AMI access in general should work, because I use it for another commands 
for example QueueAdd

best regards

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