[asterisk-users] Dial an extension to modify dialplan

Daniel Journo dan at keshercommunications.com
Mon May 8 15:07:39 CDT 2017

> Hello

> I have the following scenario:

> [mynicecontext]
> exten => 2000,1,Dial(SIP/deviceA&SIP/deviceB&SIP/deviceC)

> As expected, by dialing 2000, all three devices will ring. And that's fine.
> However, there are situations where I only want "deviceA" and "deviceB"
to ring. I would like to have an extension to dial in order to modify the dialplan.

> Is there a better solution?

Take a look at https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Device+State
Specifically, Custom Device states.

You write both versions of the dialplan, and use an IF on the custom device state to determine which one runs.
You can then dial 4000 to turn the Custom Device from Busy to Available to set which section of the dialplan to run.
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