[asterisk-users] CM for menuselect choices

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Fri May 5 10:48:50 CDT 2017

On Friday 05 May 2017 at 16:21:20, Richard Kenner wrote:

> I'd like to be able to save the choices made in menuselect in a way
> that they can be tracked in a CM system and applied to a later release
> of Asterisk using an automated tool like Ansible.  What's the best
> way to do that?

menuselect should create a file containing your choices called 
menuselect.makeopts - that forms the input to the 'make' process which builds 
the binaries from the source tree.

All you should need to do is copy menuselect.makeopts onto your target system 
and then run 'make && make install' etc in the usual way.

Of course, you might run into problems if the later release introduces new 
options (or deprecates old ones) which then aren't going to be in your 
makeopts file, but at least it's a good place to start.


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