[asterisk-users] iaxModem pickup problem

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Thu May 4 09:22:31 CDT 2017

We run Asterisk 13 using the FreePBX distro based on
CentOS-6.4.  We also run HylFAX+ 5.5.3 with iaxModem 1.2.0 on the same
system with AdvantFAX as the web front-end.  Our two fax lines are
configured as iax2 DEVICES.

These components have been working together through various versions
since 2013.  On Tuesday last our site was subjected to a prolonged
power outage that drained our twin UPS set up flat resulting in a
power down state for the Asterisk host.

Upon power recovery the asterisk host system came up, the phone system
works, but we are now unable to receive faxes through Asterisk.  We
can send faxes but not receive them.  The fax line never picks up and
a redirect to a voice recording informing voice callers of their
mistake is triggered instead.

I have a trace of the asterisk 'full' log that captures one of these
failed calls and I would like some help in determining if a clue to
what has happened is contained therein.  I do not wish to simply post
it to the list with getting permission since it is quiet long.  But I
do need to get this resolved and I cannot fathom why the lines are not
picking up incoming faxes.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

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