[asterisk-users] AGICommand_exec remove my double quotation

Lợi Đặng loi.dangthanh at gmail.com
Wed May 3 02:36:13 CDT 2017

Good day, guys
As the subject, I'm sending this command for executing CELGenUserEvent via
*EXEC CELGenUserEvent DIAL_DATA,abc"xyz*
in asterisk cli with agi debug mode, I see that I successfully sent my
param *abc"xyz *to asterisk, but it removes my double quotation in
collecting the options to execute

*<SIP/>AGI Rx << EXEC CELGenUserEvent
DIAL_DATA,abc"xyz    -- AGI Script Executing Application: (CELGenUserEvent)
Options: (DIAL_DATA,abcxyz)*

It leads to wrong data generated.
I tried other commands like *SET VARIABLE, *but my quotations don't get
removed. Single quotations are not removed in AGICommand_exec as well.

I'm not sure what I missed, helps are appreciated.
Loi Dang
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