[asterisk-users] moh reload not reloading/reading new musiconhold files

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Thu Mar 30 14:55:17 CDT 2017


I can confirm that touch-ing /etc/asterisk/musiconhold.conf (just open 
with vi and close again) and then issuing a 'module reload 
res_musiconhold.so' on the Asterisk CLI makes the new files load into 

Very strange !!

I would not know how to automate this through script...

Kind regards.

On 24-03-17 12:29, Daniel Journo wrote:
> > Hello
> > as you can read in my original post "moh reload" and "module reload 
> res_musiconhold.so" does nothing.
> > Only at restart the new files are available.
> > Is this a bug ?? How can I get more debugging for this problem ??
> I think there is currently a bug with MOH. For now, if you add a file 
> to a moh folder, ‘touch musiconhold.conf’ and then reload moh.
> Please let me know how it goes.
> Kind regards
> Dan Journo

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